Service Industry Answering Service

Service Industry Answering ServiceAlliance Communications understands that providing 24/7 support to your new and existing customers is crucial to meeting your high standards. Even your most demanding customers will be pleased with how our skilled customer service agents will act as your remote receptionist and answer your calls confidently and quickly. We will guide them through your protocols for after hours dispatching to “wow” them and expedite your service technicians to their doorstep. You will also love how our traditional answering service role has been enhanced by technology.

Our remote receptionist capabilities will allow your customers to communicate with our staff directly through your website with our web-chat and e-response features. On call dispatching technology includes screening & patching calls, SMS texting and Nextel so that all after hours dispatching is 100% verified and accurate. Since all calls are recorded and every keystroke and service call is documented, you will find our daily reports will help you systematize your business at a whole new level and maximize your bottom line. Since every service company has unique needs, we will work with you to have a solution and back up plan for every situation.

Some typical examples of our daily activities include:

• Scheduling & cancelling appointments • Dispatch Emergencies
• On Call Scheduling • Opening/Closing service tickets
• On Call Dispatching • After Hours Dispatching

Some examples of our Service Clients include:

• HVAC (Commercial & Residential) • Utility Companies
• Plumbing • Refrigeration Sales & Service (Commercial & Residential)
• Warehouse Distribution • Cable TV
• Electrical (Commercial & Residential) • Towing Companies
• Garbage & Recycling Services • Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
• Security Companies • Pest Control
• Computer- Sales & Service • Amusement & Vending Sales & Service
• Moving & Storage

With Alliance Communications you will never be concerned that your expectations are too high. We can provide you with references from local companies that are not afraid to tell you that we are part of their growth and success.

Please call us today so that we can talk to you about our answering service, remote receptionist and after hours dispatching and on call dispatching capabilities will help you to provide the best service possible to your customers.  800-555-3738