The Raleigh Lead Capture Answering Service of Choice

We help you maximize your carefully crafted direct-response campaign. It’s why we’ve been the Raleigh lead capture answering service of choice since 1987. We know you spend a lot of time and effort developing and producing direct response materials. Once you’ve launched your campaign, Alliance Communications is there to capture your in-bound calls and provide detailed reporting, so you can measure results. Our professional and skilled representatives are available around the clock for primary or overflow call volume.

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We can route calls and deliver information in any manner that you wish and do it without errors or mistakes. Our back-room capabilities can process orders or prepare paperwork. We are capable of inputting data directly into your CRM or database through our VPN capabilities. We know your campaign took a lot of effort to craft, and we’ll make sure that work was worth it. No matter what your company’s needs are, you can be assured that our representatives will follow your guidelines to the letter.

We are available around the clock to:

  • Capture leads generated by your marketing program
  • Provide callers with information on your products or services
  • Light fulfillment of your literature

We Provide:

  • Live agents to ensure every lead is captured
  • Custom Reporting to track success of your campaign
  • Live Chat from your Website

Alliance Communications customizes our services to your individual needs. The combination of our superior staff and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform according to your specifications every time.

Some examples of our Lead Capture Clients include:

  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Vacation Destinations

Give us a call so we can talk about your campaign goals. We’d love to show you what an industry leader can do for your Raleigh lead capture needs. 800-555-3738