Simply Stated, We Get It!

Trusting someone to handle your business while you are working is not something we take lightly. We handle every consumer interaction with professionalism and detail to ensure your business will grow with every call.

Our technology allows us to move seamlessly from question to question with ease and accuracy from the beginning to end of each and every call. We log every call with audio recordings and written record, which allows us to provide comprehensive reports on any aspect of what we do. It is our job to keep you informed and your account up to date. Your business will continue to evolve and so will we to better serve you.

Founded in 1987, our nationwide Call & Contact Center has provided customized call and contact solutions to hundreds of clients ranging from privately owned small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

At Alliance Communications, we seek to become an extension of your in-house customer service team or serve as your outsourced organization. We work hand-in-hand with your team to develop a customized and comprehensive solution to meet the tailored needs of your company and its customers– no matter the size.

Whether your company simply needs Alliance Communications to answer the phones after hours or to create a complete customer service phone tree – we provide our clients the highest quality of service and professionalism available in a call-center.

Your team at Alliance Communications becomes your Brand Ambassadors

Our unparalleled experience is vital to ensuring your company’s revenue growth and customer retention. Our goal is to ensure that by using our call and contact center your business can be rest assured that qualified professionals will be handling your calls. Our team simply becomes an extension of your team… serving as brand ambassadors to your customers and clients.

Check out a few of our answering service and call center features and decide today which services will be right for you: