We manage the inbound marketing, sales and customer service traffic to minimize your capital expenses and maximize your profits. Our reliable, cost-effective service enhances your customer service reputation and complements your corporation’s branding and marketing efforts.

Alliance Communications has worked in dozens of industries and we add new diverse companies on a regular basis. Examples of our variety of services we offer include:

• Doctor triage and scheduling: First line of defense for a lawyer
• Front line for a national grocer
• Emergency service line for AC repair
• Order inquiry and help desk for major websites and companies
• HIPPA Compliant
• SMS / Text with reply
• Receive messages on your iPad securely

What’s the only thing all these companies have in common? They each need professional, competent and trained staff to answer their incoming phone calls and to handle them quickly, correctly and with a servant attitude.

  1. Accuracy – We understand that you and your customers expect accurate information in a timely manner when reach one of our operators. Whether it’s providing a verbal answer that is correct or utilizing technology that allows us to seamlessly sends HIPPA-protected information between our systems, we provide you peace of mind.
  2. End-to-End Solutions – We have the capability to support you from the beginning of the call, to manage and provide evolving feedback during the call, as well as to handle outgoing follow-up calls to the consumer. Our representatives are able to provide support via telephone, web chats, lead capture, text/SMS, email, fax and reporting.
  3. Customization – Every client and situation is different, so we are able to create customized solutions to accommodate your needs. You “expect excellence” – as do your customers – and our ability to turn on a dime to meet your specific needs allows us to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Relationships – In an industry that’s known for short-term relationships, we pride ourselves on our long-standing partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to enhance your business by providing 24/7 live operator support.

Now that you’ve learned about us, it’s time we learn about you. Give us a call to discover what an industry leader can do for you. 800-555-3738