4 Surprising Reasons You Need an Answering Service

4 Surprising Reasons You Need an Answering Service

When most people think of an answering service, they think of it as an integral part of a business. They might think of virtual receptionists, customer service agents, or some other role that a business relies on. After all, what good is a business if their customers can’t reliably get in touch with them, or if there’s nobody at the phones to sell their product? At Alliance Communications, we’re all about communicating (it’s even in our name). That’s why we believe it’s important to keep an answering service handy, even if it’s just as a backup plan. Here are 4 reasons you need an answering service:

1. Overflow

Nobody likes waiting for service. In fact, customer service wait times are estimated to cost Americans $100 billion per year, and cost business $900 per employee in annual productivity losses. Further, 35% of customers forced to wait for service canceled that service or stopped using that brand entirely. The mind-boggling effects of call-waiting can be prevented by simply having an answering service on backup. When your representatives are hit hardest, we’ll be there to keep things moving and keep your customers satisfied.

2. Efficiency

In today’s world, where businesses grow and crash daily, efficiency is the key to success. As Forbes writer and entrepreneur Jayson DeMers once put it, “As a small business owner, I’ve learned that my single greatest challenge is… the lack of time.” Whether you need tier-1 tech support to man the front lines or reliable customer resource management, Alliance Communications will let your reps get back to the big stuff.

3. Emergencies

When I was in high school, Eastman Chemical Company, a Fortune 500 business, came to my school for a Q & A session with students. While talking logistics, one of the representatives told us that if Eastman’s internet went down for as little as one hour, the company would be forced into bankruptcy. Disaster strikes when you least expect it, and will wreak havoc on any business who isn’t prepared for it. If you’re ever hit with an earthquake or fire, or if one of your servers crash, we’ll be there to make sure your customers are taken care of.

4. Cost

If you’ve ever hired a receptionist, you know how surprisingly expensive it can be. Overhead costs on employees are often substantial. For small to mid-sized businesses, hiring a receptionist to make appointments or handle calls can be largely wasteful during downtime, where your business may not receive a call for hours at a time. With Alliance Communications, you don’t pay for a full time employee. When you do pay, it’s only for the time you use. Our clients provide exactly the same services to their customers for a small fraction of the cost. Why throw money away when you could spend it building your business to new heights? Give us a call to start working on a plan of action. It’s time to learn what an industry-leader can do for your business. 800-555-3738

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